Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about food flavors that are also present in other household products?

No. Many of the natural flavors you will find on our website are also listed as ingredients in many household products such as soaps, washing detergents, creams, cosmetics, air fresheners, and others.

The difference between what is in those products and what is discussed here is that our flavors are natural. The flavors used in household products, however, are chemically produced.

Are your flavors natural?

Yes. We only discuss natural and authentic food flavors obtained through natural or organic processes. However, you may find artificial variations of these flavors that have been obtained through chemical processes. Our blog focusses on the natural flavors that are safe.

Do food flavors cause cancer?

Carcinogenicity is considered before food or flavor can be certified as safe for consumption. We only discuss natural and safe food flavors without carcinogenic properties. Multiple scientific studies have also revealed that the flavors we discuss and feature on this blog aren’t cancerous.

Can I have sensitivity to a certain food flavor?

Yes. Just like people have an intolerance to other naturally-occurring components of food such as gluten or lactose, you can develop intolerance or sensitivity to components in natural food flavors.

As such, if you experience any discomfort, try removing certain ingredients or specific flavors from your food to determine what could be the issue. Also, you can seek advice or help from a nutritionist or dietician.

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